Teenager's Love

Lyrics and music by Yehuda Carmel.

As in the morning we're strolling the road,
From our homes on the way to our classroom,
Each time we glance our faces will glow,
Might reveal that our love is in bloom.

Chorus:  This is our love, our TEENAGER'S LOVE
we're sure to feel it together,
this is our love our TEENAGER'S LOVE,
we're gonna share it forever.

All our classmates think that we're "good friends",
They don't know that we're already lovers,
But we don't care really while we pretend,
We just use the "good friends" as our cover.

Chorus: This is our love ...

Right after school we are going back home,
To prepare our homework and eat,
But after that we are ready to roam,
To our hide place where we have our loveseats.

Chorus: This is our love ...


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