A Falling Star

Lyrics and music by Yehuda Carmel.

A falling star, if you will see there,
in dark black night, or in your dream,
just make a wish, and you will see her,
in crowded place, marked by a beam.

She'll share with you, what ever day brings,
she'll be your mate, she'll be your wife,
she'll be your queen, and you'll be her king,
a falling star will make your life.

Some people wish, to be just famous,
some people wish, to strike it rich,
but I just wish, to have a good house,
to have a home, close to the beach.

And if you’ll be, the lucky fellow,
that'll make a wish to FALLING STAR,
just be prepared , for great tomorrow,
a FALLING STAR, will get you far...

- - - - - - -
Look high above, A FALLING STAR


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