Oh My Baby

Lyrics and music by Yehuda Carmel

Chorus: Oh my baby, oh my baby,
Oh my baby, she is mine.
Oh my baby, oh my baby,
Oh my baby, she is mine.

In my wallet I am keeping,
little photo of my gal,
in the days, she's over sleeping,
in the nights she's looking swell.
You can try to kiss her lightly,
and to take her in your arms,
she would smile at you politely,
and surround you with her charms.

Chorus: Oh my baby...

She's been known to all the neighbors,
as a pretty little doll,
she will greet them with a flavor
of a love they can't control.
She is pleased to entertain them,
with her little charming smile,
and it looks like she can chain them
to her bedpost for a while.
Chorus: Oh my baby...

She is using special powder,
and a perfume from Paree',
every time you try to touch her,
she'll be nice as she can be.
on her birthday she was pretty,
much too pretty to be told,
she was standing very steady,
she was only one year old .........!

Chorus: Oh my baby…………..


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