My Love Affairs

Lyrics and music by Yehuda Carmel

My first love was a handsome man, with ocean colored eyes,
He used to take me out each night, he used to tell me lies,
Yet, I was in another world, just walking in a dream,
My friends said: “oh the lucky her, to have a man like him”.

My second love, was strong and tough, he swept me off my feet,
He carried me upon his arm, where I was glad to fit,
Whenever someone looked my way, he hit him on the nose,
He chose just me, from all the girls, and held me very close.
Chorus: MY LOVE AFFAIRS…………….

My third love, was a mighty man, a multi - millionaire,
He offered me a diamond ring, a house in DELAWARE,
He said: “I want to be your groom”, while flying in his plane,
“And all the world will praise the queen, right on the wedding lane”.
Chorus: MY LOVE AFFAIRS……………..

But now I know, that all I need, is kind and gentle guy,
And he won’t have to be so rich, or fly high to the sky,
He needn’t be the strongest knight, or handsome as can be,
For all I need is a loving man, that’ll give his love to me.
Chorus: MY LOVE AFFAIRS………………


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