Composer, Writer, Visionary.

Yehuda Carmel wrote and published numerous songs in English and Hebrew during the last 50 years.  Mr. Carmel has also produced several music CDs in Nashville, TN.  Listen to the songs on this site!

Short Stories:

Goldy When Adam made his first steps, Goldy was there to help him.
English  Hebrew
"The Birthday Present"

David loved The Birthday Present and soared with it to the sky.
English  Hebrew

"The Eavesdropper"

Tammy was ready for her graduation ceremony, when...
English Hebrew

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The "Broshim" group

The group performed many of Carmel's popular Israeli songs, including "Date in Dizengoff" and "Rain is falling."

Yehuda Carmel wrote the first Israeli Rock 'n Roll hit

Mr. Yehuda Carmel was recently recognized as the creator of Israel's very first rock 'n roll hit.  Titled "Oh My Baby", the song was recorded by Bezalel Jungreis in the mid 50s and re-mastered in 1998.

wpe2.jpg (9492 bytes)
Bezalel Jungreis
performing Yehuda Carmel's Oh My Baby

Who was Bezalel's music teacher?

Menahem Meir, Golda Meir's son.


Recent quotes by Yehuda Carmel

"The quality of your day-to-day decisions paves the road to your destiny"

"God bless those, who are prepared to rely on the power of their unique way of thinking, to engrave the route of their destiny"

"Some people say that life is a gift, and some people say, that life is a mission, but the truth is, that the ability to define and to implement the mission of life is the real… gift!"

"The underprivileged rely on the absolute justice. The innocents, rely on the absolute truth. Those who believe in GOD, rely on their belief. But, only those who rely on themselves may achieve their goals!!!"

"Thinking is the conscious process of choosing between alternatives"


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